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It is like pipe operator in F# and is useful for chaining function calls especially in expressions. (More in http://foop.codeplex.com/)


public static R Pipe<T, R>(this T o, Func<T, R> func)
    if (func == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("func", "'func' can not be null.");
    T buffer = o;
    return func(buffer);
public static T Pipe<T>(this T o, Action<T> action)
    if (action == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("action", "'action' can not be null.");
    T buffer = o;
    return buffer;


<%= variable.Pipe(x => this.Fun1(x)).Pipe(x =>
    return this.F2(x);
}) %>

Author: Kaveh Shahbazian

Submitted on: 4 jan 2010

Language: C#

Type: System.Object

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