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Calling Value.ToString on a System.Nullable<T> type where the value is null will result in an "Nullable object must have a value." exception being thrown. This extension method can be used in place of .ToString to prevent this exception from occurring.


public static string ToNullableString<T>(this System.Nullable<T> param) where T : struct 
	if (param.HasValue)
        	return param.Value.ToString();
        	return string.Empty;


System.Nullable<byte> value = GetValueFromDatabase();
Textbox1.Text = value.ToNullableString();

' GetValueFromDatabase is simulating retrieving a System.Nullable<byte> value from the database.

Author: Chris Rock

Submitted on: 31 mrt 2008

Language: C#

Type: System.Nullable<T>

Views: 5648