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Using LINQ, gets the total size of a specified folder. It can also check sizes of subdirectory under it as a parameter.


using System.IO;

public static class MyExtension
	public static long FolderSize(this DirectoryInfo dir, bool bIncludeSub)
		long totalFolderSize = 0;

		if (!dir.Exists) return 0;

		var files = from f in dir.GetFiles()
					select f;
		foreach (var file in files) totalFolderSize += file.Length;

		if (bIncludeSub)
			var subDirs = from d in dir.GetDirectories()
						  select d;
			foreach (var subDir in subDirs) totalFolderSize += FolderSize(subDir, true);

		return totalFolderSize;


path = @"D:\INCOMING\Books";
var size = new DirectoryInfo(path).FolderSize(true);
Console.WriteLine("Size of {0} is {1}", path, size);

// you can format the size return by using my other extension method, FormatSize()
// var size = new DirectoryInfo(path).FolderSize(true).FomatSize();

Author: Earljon Hidalgo

Submitted on: 28 mrt 2008

Language: C#

Type: System.Int64

Views: 4777