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Combines an IEnumerable<string> using Path.Combine(), which will use the separator character that is correct for the platform used. It is a shorter and more correct way to combine paths than just using + "\\" + . Requires "using System.IO;" at the top of your extension method class.


public static string PathCombine(this IEnumerable<string> pathParts)
    string joinedPath = "";
    foreach(string pathPart in pathParts)
        joinedPath = Path.Combine(joinedPath,pathPart);

    return joinedPath;


string path = new[] { s1, s2, s3 }.PathCombine();
string path = someIEnumerableString.PathCombine();

Author: Callum Rogers

Submitted on: 17 sep 2009

Language: C#

Type: System.IEnumerable<string>

Views: 5293