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Get column value bu name from IDataReader.


public static class DataReaderExtension
    public static string GetValue(this IDataReader rdr, string columnName)
        return rdr.GetValue<string>(columnName);

    public static T GetValue<T>(this IDataReader rdr, string columnName)
        object data = rdr.GetValue(rdr.GetOrdinal(columnName));
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(data.ToString()))
            return (T)data;

        return default(T);


var value = rdr.GetValue<string>(columnName);
var value = rdr.GetValue(columnName);
var value = rdr.GetValue<int>(columnName);
var value = rdr.GetValue<int?>(columnName);

Author: Dumitru Condrea

Submitted on: 10 dec 2010

Language: C#

Type: System.Data.IDataReader

Views: 5873