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This method extends the DirectoryInfo class to return the size in bytes of the directory represented by the DirectoryInfo instance.


public static long GetSize(this DirectoryInfo dir)
    long length = 0;
    // Loop through files and keep adding their size
    foreach (FileInfo nextfile in dir.GetFiles())
        length += nextfile.Exists ? nextfile.Length : 0;

    // Loop through subdirectories and keep adding their size
    foreach (DirectoryInfo nextdir in dir.GetDirectories())
        length += nextdir.Exists ? nextdir.GetSize() : 0;

    return length;


DirectoryInfo WindowsDir = new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\WINDOWS");
long WindowsSize = WindowsDir.GetSize();

Author: Joel Rosario Mathias

Submitted on: 13 feb 2010

Language: C#

Type: System.IO.DirectoryInfo

Views: 5191