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Piero Alvarez Fuentes

Converts any type to another.


using System.ComponentModel;

public static U ChangeType<U>(this object source, U returnValueIfException)
        return source.ChangeType<U>();
        return returnValueIfException;

public static U ChangeType<U>(this object source)
    if (source is U)
        return (U)source;

    var destinationType = typeof(U);
    if (destinationType.IsGenericType && destinationType.GetGenericTypeDefinition().Equals(typeof(Nullable<>)))
        destinationType = new NullableConverter(destinationType).UnderlyingType;

    return (U)Convert.ChangeType(source, destinationType);


string a = "1234";
int b = a.ChangeType<int>(); //Successful conversion to int (b=1234)
string c = b.ChangeType<string>(); //Successful conversion to string (c="1234")
string d = "foo";
int e = d.ChangeType<int>(); //Exception System.InvalidCastException
int f = d.ChangeType(0); //Successful conversion to int (f=0)

Author: Piero Alvarez Fuentes

Submitted on: 15 nov 2012

Language: C#

Type: ChangeType

Views: 5747