kristof-claes submitted these extension methods

  • AddCssClass

    Adds a css class to the webcontrol. Instead of having to pass one string to the CssClass property, you can add them one by one with the AddCssClass extension method. This can come in handy when a webcontrol has a default class (from the ASP.NET markup) and then needs additional classes based on a condition (like whether or not a user is logged in).
    C# System.Web.UI.WebControls Kristof Claes
  • RemoveCssClass

    Removes a css class from the webcontrol. Let's say you have a webcontrol (a label for example) with more than one css class: "defaultClass loggedIn". With the RemoveCssClass extension method, you can easily remove one of them.
    C# System.Web.UI.WebControls Kristof Claes