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  • IsInDesign

    Provides a mechanism to wrap WPF user control code that causes an exception on the host WPF window. Notes: I use a separate DLL for all of my extensions which can cause additional challenges. Here are some tips; There are 3 assemblies required 2 of which are easy to add unless you know there nuances; "System.Windows.Controls" this requires "PresentationCore" & "PresentationFramework". "System.Windows" was the most interesting. Look for WindowsBase.DLL if you don't find a reference. Be sure it matches the .Net Framework version you are using..
    C# UserControl Tom Kelly
  • WPF Controls Lists

    Using extensions to provide a similar "Winforms.Controls" collection functionality. When implementing generics with System.Windows.Window extensions the VS2013 compiler starts throwing random exceptions, so following is using a static wrapper and each control type has to separated. On tested using VS2013..
    C# WPF Controls Tom Kelly